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Standard platforms for making money online.

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When talking about the online earning methods, you can see millions of standard platforms for making money online in Google search. When considering those methods, you will really be confused. But all the things are not suitable for you. Then you have to select one of a suitable online earning method for you. But some of them are not working for every country and some of them are too difficult to handle. “how to choose the most suitable platform for me”, this is the next question that comes to your mind. So, let’s find standard methods for making money online. So let’s find more about standard platforms for making money online.

Drop shipping platforms for making money online

eBay is one of the main online shopping sites with millions of transactions processing per day. You can start selling on eBay, by selling your own stuff or selling as a drop-shipper. It’s not a difficult task to make an account to start selling without any payment at the beginning. But I recommend you to read their selling policies before you start to sell because if you don’t follow their rules you won’t be able to continue your business so far. Let’s try to use dropshipping among all the platforms for making money online.

Fiverr platform for entering to online business

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can earn money online with worldwide clients based on your knowledge and practice. There are a wide range of categories that you see there and select the most suitable category which matches your skills. Your profile will be based on your reviews and the number of orders. When you have good reviews you will get more jobs. Upwork, freelancer and guru are also freelancing websites similar to Fiverr.

Practice IQ option to earn online

You can earn money on IQ options by investing in cryptocurrency. Basically this is a trading platform and there are so many platforms that you can earn money by trading. ex; The reason I took the IQ option is, it is a bit easy to understand the method and if you have a good eye you will catch the method quickly. But I recommend you not to start investing real money until you have a better practice. You can use a 10,000$ demo account to practice this option for making money online.

Earn with E-commerce Website

By starting your business on your own platform you will get more and more benefits than selling on a common platform. You can use your own rules, own designs and anything you want. And there is no service fee or anything only you have to pay for the domain and web hosting. By using these methods you can build your own brand and build a great business. But it is not an instant one, because you will have to do marketing to promote your business all around the world. To promote your products you can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat ads etc. And also to build the website you can use WordPress, Wix or Shopify [ There is a monthly subscription fee on Shopify ] 

This is also a very famous online money making method that you can easily practice.

YouTube platforms for making money online

Among all the online earning platforms, youtube is one of the platforms for making money online.YouTube has become very popular between young, old and even children. And there are millions of YouTubers who are already earning plenty of money with their abilities to make people watch their videos and follow them. Once you create a YouTube channel, you will have 365 days to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours and then you can apply for monetization and get ads. And also there are plenty of ways that you can earn money by having a YouTube channel with a massive audience.

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