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Honda Civic

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The Honda Civic is a substantial and capable compact car. The base 2.0-litre engine and optional 1.5-litre turbo deliver good fuel economy, with the turbo bringing more oomph and readily available power.


  • The Honda Civic offers a turbo-type variant which gives a more efficient power and fuel economy.
  • Great cabin space in par with the full-size sedan.
  • Interior materials are of high-quality and don’t feel cheap.
  • The Honda Civic is packed with advanced technology and safety features.


  • Warning system inside can be quite annoying.
  • The cruise control is sluggish at times.
  • The Touch screen interface isn’t that responsive.
  • Location of the USB in front is hard to reach.
  • The pricing of the vehicle might make you reconsider buying a larger vehicle instead.


The current Civic is the 10th-generation model from the iconic Civic line that’s one of the most popular car models across all generations in the Philippines. The 10th generation Honda Civic appeared in the Philippine market in 2016. The All-new Civic provides a new sporty design and advanced technology on an all-new platform. The Honda Civic is well-known as a powerful vehicle with good driving performance, and the 10th generation Honda Civic is no exemption. Some even name the 10th-generation Honda Civic as the perfect Honda Accord as it is considerably longer and wider than its predecessors making it look as if it’s a full-size sedan.


Priced at over a million pesos, the Civic may not be an easy decision for everyone. But to those who are planning to buy the 10th-generation Honda Civic, you can expect an aggressive premium sports sedan with a fastback roofline, LED headlights with daytime running lights and LED tail lamps at the back. At the heart of the Honda Civic are 2 engine options, an all-new 1.8L non-turbo i-VTEC and a 1.5L Turbo i-VTEC engine mated on Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology Continuously Variable Transmission. The aggressive sporty design of the All-new Honda Civic compliments the vehicle’s heritage.

The Honda Civic’s driving performance promises both efficiency and a powerful driving experience. Inside the cabin of the All-new Honda Civic is a stylish multi-information display, abundant spacing at the back but overall, a unique cabin styling. Another remarkable insight about the Honda Civic 2018 is that it’s also been recognized as an “Overall best buy” vehicle by experts and owners alike. The Honda Civic packs the latest driver assisting technology and safety features one can ever desire. It offers Airbags for both the Driver and Front Passenger, Anti-Lock Brakes System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, it also has Immobilizer, Stability Control, a Security Alarm, Electronic Door Locks, Hill-Start Assist, and ISOFIX.

Regardless if you’re looking for your first car, daily driver or a sporty vehicle, the 10th-generation Honda Civic should be on the list of vehicles you ought to consider buying.


The 10th-generation this Civic is powered by 2 engine types. A 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC engine that produces 141ps @ 6,500rpm and 174Nm of torque @ 4,300rpm and a 1.5L In-Line 4 Cylinder Earth Dreams Technology DOHC VTEC Turbo engine exclusive to the RS variant that produces 173ps @ 5,500rpm and 220Nm of torques @ 1,700-5,500rpm. Both engines offer great efficiency and performance supported by Honda’s latest VTEC technology that promises higher performances while being environmentally-friendly. In addition, both engines are mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission and there’s no manual transmission option available. However, the Honda Civic comes with a paddle shifter giving you the option to have fun shifting gears at your own pace.

It has robust performance and higher cruising efficiency are one of the best features of the Civic. The vehicle features an Eco Mode which provides better gas mileage. For a more active throttle response, you can switch the driving mode into “S” then the Sports Mode will be activated for quicker engine responses and for a more fun driving experience. The Honda Civic shows a balance of good performance and fuel economy with its Earth Dreams technology CVT. Data gathered on the vehicle’s fuel mileage resulted with a 10.3 km/L in normal city driving, around 7.5 km/L in heavy traffic, for highways condition, 17 – 17.5 km/L of fuel on average. In addition, the Honda Civic comes with an excellent braking system thanks to disc brakes both in front and at the back.

The Civic drives with a light but active steering and has good overall visibility. Driving on the Philippine roads, the Honda Civic is more than capable of handling every bump on the road and will smoothly absorb shocks without worries. It’s planted very well on the ground and delivers the right amount of power when needed, making overtaking other vehicles a breeze, especially the RS variant as the torque kicks in even at low revs.

With modern technology on board, the civic is clearly on a different level from its predecessors. Aside from the design and performance, Honda also prioritizes the driver’s and passengers’ safety above all. Inside, both the driver and passengers are protected with driver and front passenger airbags, side airbags and side curtain airbags, but that’s not all, with a top-notch body design engineered to dissipate the energy of a crash and minimize the possible damages to other vehicles, Honda didn’t just make the Honda Civic a safe car for its passengers but for other vehicles as well.

Driving the Civic has never been easier as it now comes with Electronic Parking Brake , Auto Brake Hold  and Hill Start Assist  making it easier for the driver to stop and go on a flat surface or an inclined road.

There are also other notable safety features onboard such as the Anti-lock Brake System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution for further preventing the car wheels from locking for better control and Vehicle Stability Assist to prevent oversteering and understeering.

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