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Summary Sunday: Issue #480

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Catch up on news you can use for job search and your career! This collection of articles includes how-tos and information you need to help with your job search.

Summary Sunday Issue 480

This summary is a look at the past two weeks of excellent and informative information to help you with your job search and understand today’s workplace landscape.

You’ll find information about:

  • Job Search
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn
  • Interviewing
  • Salary Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Workforce


9 Ways to Avoid Job Search Fatigue | Inside Higher Ed

Burnout in job search happens. But “to successfully conduct a job search, you absolutely need energy, enthusiasm, a positive attitude and confidence. Such things are foundational to any job search success.” This article provides proven tips to help keep you energized.

15 Common Job Search Scams and How to Protect Yourself | FlexJobs

Beware of these scams that target vulnerable job seekers.

Cold Outreach Using LinkedIn | Sarah Johnston

Sarah answers a popular question – should I reach out to someone cold using LinkedIn or email. See step by step how you can answer this question for yourself.

How to nail that job interview with this ultimate guide to writing the perfect thank you note (with templates) | Fast Company

Lots of options here to help you craft a follow-up email after an interview.


4 Steps Executive Job Seekers Can Take to Network Successfully | Things Career Related

Do you know how to research information to help you network more effectively? This post features tips to help you be a smarter networker.


Visibility on LinkedIn | Donna Svei

Social Insider researched which types of content performed best on LinkedIn. If you want more people to be interested in what you post and include in your profile, read this take-away.

New LinkedIn Feature | Kevin D. Turner

New LinkedIn Laugh Reaction


How to Win a Panel Job Interview | Shelley Piedmont

Interviewing with multiple people at the same time can feel overwhelming. Shelley spells out what you need to know to be successful.


How To Disclose Salary On Job Postings | Three Ears Media

Kat speaks from a recruiter’s perspective about how to list salary information in a job description. It’s enlightening and encouraging!


The Power of Adding Flexibility To Your Leadership | Terri Klass Consulting

Flexibility defines the times we are living in. See the benefits of being aware of and leading with flexibility.

Internal Vs. External Self-Awareness | Leading The Future Of Work

“Dr. Tasha Eurich found that 95% of people think they are self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are.” Learn more about self-awareness in Jacob Morgan’s newsletter.

Show We The Money | Amplify Digest – June 15, 2022

This is one email that I look forward to skimming! Lars Schmidt does a phenomenal job curating important articles related to HR, talent acquisition and the workforce.


Be Careful With The Layoffs | Josh Bersin

“Over the years Wayne Cascio has studied the impact of layoffs and in almost every case it has a “death spiral” effect.”

LinkedIn Workforce Report – United States – June 2022 | LinkedIn

This issue looks at industries with high and low hiring rates over the past month.

How Employees Feel About Work After The Pandemic | Gartner


The Second-Act Show #8 – How Your Visibility and Branding Will Impact Your Second-Act Career | Kerry Hannon and John Tarnoff

2022 MIDYEAR CAREER TRENDS SUMMIT – career intelligence Resumes and Personal Branding


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