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What are career aspirations? – Build up your career

How to identify the career aspirations
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Everyone dreams about having a career, yet they are uncertain when they ask the question, “what are your career aspirations?”. Many people have to come across this question when they are facing interviews. Companies ask this question solely to determine whether the career path of the employee is parallel to the goals of the company. This is a question that has stunned many top-notch interviewees. As the answer to the question of career aspirations is challenging, this article unravels what truly career aspirations.

What is a career aspiration?

What is a career aspiration? – a question that many seek answers to. A career aspiration is a long-term career goal plan or a dream that sets a path for the future. Many people get baffled between a career goal and a career aspiration. An aspiration is a hope or ambition. A goal is more specific from which we can expect a result. The subtle difference between career aspirations and career goals indicates that career goals are short-term whereas career aspirations are long-term.

For instance, if you say “I want to climb up the career ladder and to hold a key position in your company”, it is a career goal. If you say “I want to make a positive impact in the industry”, it is your career aspiration.

How to identify the career aspirations

People may have a hard time figuring out what their career aspirations are. Because the answer to that question may depend on different instances. Thus, it is advisable to give an answer that caters to the expectations of the company. It is not lying rather it is organizing the personal aspirations in line with the goals of the company. Few steps can follow to sketch the answer.

  1. Introspection-Reflecting and question oneself by thinking, what is important in your life, your likings, areas you are good at, and your flaws, personal strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Review the resume-It is important to find out whether the resume truly represents all your accomplishments and career history. While reviewing you can set a foundation to ascertain the areas that you needed improvements and you wish you need further developments in.
  3. Creating an individual growth plan-When you have identified the goals and areas that you need further improvements on, it is easier to set the aspirations. Take a piece of paper and write the actionable steps, goals that you need in your life, and think how you can impact the company with those goals and vice versa.

Examples of a good response

In this section, we have put together some examples to confidently answer the question “what are your career aspirations?

Example 1

When I think of my career aspirations, my mind takes me to the future from now. I begin to think about where I will stand and what I need to expect thus setting a tactical long-term career aspiration. And also I aspire to expose to an array of skills that will aid me to understand how the business world works. I hope to expose to other areas such as operations, marketing, and sales while exploring how the market works in this industry. I aim to be a part of a collaborative environment where I can develop myself as a professional and person. Therefore, I strongly believe that this company is ideal and aligns with my aspirations as a professional.

Example 2

When I think of my career aspirations, I like to think ahead of time maybe 10 years from now.  I aspire to be a part of a business empire while exposing myself to my current abilities and my hidden talents. While understanding the skills that I possess, I want to be a high-demanded employee that everyone knows. I aim to stay at this company for a large period while being the professional that I aspire to be.

How to answer the question “what are your career aspirations” in an interview

The first tip to remember is this the time that you can shine. You are your own PR person, and you should only flaunt your positive attributes. Many might be wondering what if the interviewers ask something negative. In that case, it is advisable to reframe it to the positive.

The second tip to remember is to make sure the career aspirations always line up with the vision, mission, and goals of the company. Because interviewers ask this question to gauge whether there is a mutual alignment between the employee and the company.

Sum up

There is no such thing as luck in interviews because there are plenty of people fighting for the same job. The best way to win is to define the career aspirations beforehand and to prepare to face any scenario. Having career aspirations is like having a roadmap because it guides you in the right direction and takes you to the desired location.

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