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Reasons for the iPhone Beats Android

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The iPhone became a dream of every mind. Although the price is very expensive, the iPhone beats Android. Most people like to use that phone for various reasons. Android phones are a common brand of the phone which most people have. But also they try to move the iPhone series now. 

Here are reasons why the iPhone beats Android.

iPhone Beats Android

iPhones are faster

If you hope to buy a newer iPhone, know that the A12 Bionic chip inside beats anything from the Android camp. We have also found that the latest iPhones can transcode video faster in our editing test, with the iPhone XS taking just 39 seconds, compared to nearly 2.5 minutes for the Galaxy S10. 

OS updates when you want them

This is going to hurt a little, Android fanboys. The problem is with the exception of pure Android phones like the Pixel 3, the Samsung’s and LG’s of the world have to jump through more hoops to bring you the latest version of Google’s OS. 

Works beautifully with Macs

If you have not tried a Mac in a while, you might be surprised to know just how well iPhones work with them. Everyone’s  favorite feature is AirDrop, which lets you easily transfer photos and videos over Wi-Fi from your iPhone to a MacBook. And also thanks to iCloud keeping everything in sync, you also have easy access on your Mac to the photos you take on your iPhone, as well as any notes or documents you create.

The best apps first

The Google Play store is like the Netflix of app stores; it takes the hits, but usually after they see their first run on iOS. The message is always clear. It’s a better thing all the time.

No bloatware

You will not find a single piece of carrier software preloaded on an iPhone, making for a clean out-of-the-box experience. Apple consists of some apps you might not want, like Apple Watch, but it has much more restraint than other manufacturers when it comes to bundling its own stuff. 

 Better hardware and software integration

Other than the years, there’s been plenty of examples of the advantage Apple has of owning the whole widget, which means that there’s certain things that only it can pull off. The new example is Face ID, which securely logs you into the iPhone using a 3D scan of your face via a TrueDepth sensor. Other companies have attempted to copy Face ID. Animoji and Memoji are other examples of Apple hardware and software working seamlessly together. 

Family Sharing

An Apple family that plays together saves together. With Family Sharing on the iPhone, Dad, Mom and the kids can share purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks with up to six people. You can still put your own iTunes accounts, too. When Junior requires to make a purchase, you will get an alert via the Ask to Buy feature, so you can keep better tabs on what he’s downloading and also prevent bill shock. You can choose between a 200GB iCloud storage plan for the family.

Other Family Sharing features consist of shared photo albums, a shared calendar and the ability to see where your kids are on a map at any time. Google doesn’t offer not difficult family sharing on Android devices, but Android does benefit from a much better selection of the best parental control apps.

Best support and help

When you have an issue with your Android phone, you can try finding a solution on online forums or calling your carrier. With the exception of the Pixel line, Google has not this kind of relationship with its customers. For other Android phones, you have to go by your carrier or the phone maker, and you will not see the same level of service.

Apple Pay

Between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple has plenty of rivals, but right now, Apple Pay is the most popular method for making mobile payments. It’s also dead-simple to use.With the  iPhone XR and  iPhone XS, you just double tap the Side button and then stare at your phone to use Face ID.

If you are not that excited by using your phone to pay for stuff at the store, you can try another alternative: iOS supports sending and receiving money from friends and family from within the Messages app. Yes, there are third-party apps that do this, but with the iPhone, it’s built right in.

Apple is even rolling out its own credit card called Apple Card, which promises to improve your financial life by making it simple to track what you’re spending where. There’s also no hidden fees and Daily Cashback rewards. You can refer To read more articles related to new idea of electronics, buying and selling, follow us through

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