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Academics & its’ Resulting Experiences – by Noor Rahim

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Academics & its’ Resulting Experiences – by Noor Rahim

It was in School that we learned our 3 R’s 

In addition, we did Biology, Economics & Physics 

What a drag we thought it was; during those times 

But little did we know of its’ impact in our future life’s experiences 


In Biology we garnered knowledge of the birds & the bees 

And the goodness of the soil, foliage, leaves & trees 

But alas! Man’s destruction of this wealth is endless; it seems 

Due to wants and needs; and more so for profitable avarice 


In Economics did we study the value of money, financial balances & controls 

The meaning of intrinsic & extrinsic values dependent on gold reserves 

But these values are no longer thought of in these modern times 

Replaced by what appears to be just governmental promissory notes


It can now be summed in the lesson on Physics 

Quoting one of Sir Isaac Newton’s “Laws of Motion”; that states 

“For every action there’s an equal & opposite reaction”; is how it goes 

How appropriate its’ application in every aspect of our lives


Needless to say, we have forgotten our lessons & applications 

That “Man will kill Nature; and Nature will kill man” in the future years 

Lack of foresight has overtaken our materialistic, moral & spiritual values 

And left us in a World of Uncertainty, for our future generations 



Noor Rahim 

December 2012  

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