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Tribute to Doreen Welihindha – by Clifford and Delande Lazarus

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Tribute to Doreen Welihindha – by Clifford and Delande Lazarus

Surrounded by her children and grandchildren for her birthday  in May 2021 in Arkansas, Doreen Welihinda (nee Sansoni), concealed agonising pain, braving  all odds to ensure her loved ones saw her as they always knew her to be: happy and cheerful!  When we remember Doreen, we recall not with tears, for thoughts of her should not be sad.  She was always happy because she ceased worrying about things  that are beyond  the power of our will. 

Devoted wife, mother, and friend, she was one of the strongest, bravest and kindest humans to grace this planet.

We visited each other’s homes regularly in Sri Lanka, Oman and Dubai, and our children grew up together to form a strong bond of friendship.  The recollection of the times we shared with her gives us comfort, for her life was rich and her love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.  She taught her children the tremendous power of gratitude and to always be grateful for what someone does for you.   Any small gesture was acknowledged with her enchanting and heart-warming smile, and a thank you!

Doreen had the rare gift of being able to transform others simply by being near them. She had a beautiful welcoming aura and everyone who met her walked away with an elevated sense of self-worth.  She never complained of the cancer  and during our conversations we drew strength from her positive attitude.

Doreen, your friendship was a blessing.  You brought us so much happiness with your kind and loving ways. We will miss you!

Thank you for your friendship and all the memories we hold dear.  It’s been a privilege to have known you.  We were family, not just friends and we will carry you in spirit until we meet up once again.

Clifford and Delande Lazarus

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