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Sri Lanka shares close down, one million in turnover

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ECONOMYNEXT – The European Union (EU) Delegation to Sri Lanka launched its “Let’s Go Green” campaign last month.

Over the last six weeks, the campaign showcased examples of what responsible green behaviour means in practice.

“Now more than ever, our growth has to become green to be sustainable. We are committed to continue working with our partners in support of this transformation towards green and inclusive growth” Carmen Moreno, EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives was quoted as saying in statement from the Delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka.

“We wanted to do this campaign to show the public that going green begins with changes in our daily routines at home and at work. Besides big public investments, research and innovation, there are changes in our behaviour, as individuals, that are essential for a successful transition.”

The campaign included a series of competitions and challenges for school and university students to discuss and innovate.

To create a platform for students to discuss some of the world’s most pressing climate issues, the EU organised the Let’s Go Green Inter-school Debate Competition.

In partnership with the Debaters’ Council of Sri Lanka, it brought together 27 debate teams from 17 schools across Sri Lanka.

The EU encouraged children to demonstrate their own green actions through the “Eco-Heroes Green Mobile Competition”, where children below 12 years of age submitted videos on how they carry out green actions in their homes, such as recycling, composting, and reducing energy consumption.

The EU also organised the “Sustain-Able Climate Action Challenge” with Dilmah Tea. This initiative included ideas such as producing disposable cutlery using natural raw materials and inventing a ‘smart’ recycling bin that can segregate waste.

Participants will be mentored by industry experts as they finalise their innovations and present prototypes at the upcoming Demo Day, to be held in December.

The business community also plays a significant role in Sri Lanka’s green growth efforts. Sri Lanka’s first ever Private Sector Unconference brought together over 70 participants from various sectors. (Colombo/Nov16/2023)

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