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Sri Lanka adds 63GWh to hydro stocks from depression downpour

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ECONOMYNEXT – sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board has so far got enoug water to generate 63 GigaWatt hours of electricity from downpours from a depression that cased devastating flooding.

But the sporadic depressions, a kind of pre-monsoon weather events – have delayed the onset of the North East monsoon, CEB spokesman Andrew Nawamani said.

Sri Lanka’s hydro storage is now 928GWh, lower than the 1,000 GWh the utility would like to end the year with to cope with the drought that comes from Febuary to April 2022.

“We are conserving hydro for the dry season,” Nawamani said. There is still time for the monsoon to start but the depressions have pushed it away.

“The water from the depression has already stopped. There was hardly any rain yestery. The 63GWh was two days of bonus.”

The CEB stopped one of its three coal plants last week amid stalled coal supplies.

The shut down was timed to carry out some scheduled maintenance, Nawamani said.

Another coal ship was due on December 05, with a 60,000 metric tonne of cargo.

On average about 10,000MT of coal can be unloaded via barges from a ship, but it can vary from 12,000 to 15,000MT, Nawamani said.

There have been fears that the required coal for next year cannot be unloaded before monsoons start around April/May 2023. (Colombo/Dec27/2022)

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