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Passing away of Vijaya Malaasekara

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Vijaya Malaasekara

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Sad news of Malale, classmate from RPS and RC 

This is very very sad news. 

He was a great guy, good friend, great athlete, still greater & fantastic cricketer, a Cambridge “Blue” in cricket, a very lovely & talkative character who loved his friends, a real adornment to Royal College.

At RPS, too, he was the “Best Boy ” in our final year at the Primary in1956, having excelled in Athletics, Cricket, etc.

Ever ready for Fun & Song, he gave us many memories to cherish over the years.

The fantastic batting he displayed at the R-T at the Oval &  the way he smashed Roger D’Silva’s bowling is eternally engraved in my memory – as well as his hurdling at the “Pubs” again at the Oval which left every one l spellbound.

His Great father Prof GP Malalesekera epitomised Academic excellence & did much for Buddhism & Buddhistic studies, his son Vijaya excelled in Sports & Humility with Humanness & Friendship & ” Joie De Vivre”.

I was Privileged to be his classmate continuously from 1 Alpha at Royal Primary right up to the 4th form at RC a period of 10 long years of cherished memories !

An irreplaceable person who enriched our lives with his friendship & camaraderie & brought much Honour to Royal college & to Sri Lanka, has gone from us leaving us with indelible memories & a void that cannot be filled.

May he attain Nirvana & pray that Samsara be kind to him in his meanderings through to the Final Bliss of Blessed NIrvana. 

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