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NEW BOOK OF POEMS – “RISE” by Dr. Rashika Perera Gomez

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NEW BOOK OF POEMS - "RISE" by Dr. Rashika Perera Gomez

NEW BOOK OF POEMS - "RISE" by Dr. Rashika Perera Gomez

Recommending a new publication of Poems.

The poems (88 in all) have been written by Dr. Rashika Perera Gomez, the daughter of Maheshini and Rajitha Perera. Rashika conceived and wrote these poems during a difficult period in her life.

‘Rise’ promises to deliver plenty of stimulating, inspirational and thought-provoking reading.

Each copy costs $25.00 including postage, and could be ordered from Rajitha Perera < [email protected] >.

Please contact Rajitha, who will forward the banking details. 

NEW BOOK OF POEMS - "RISE" by Dr. Rashika Perera Gomez

Rashika is a clinical Psychologist.

In 2019 she wrote a book- “Rise”.  It has 88 poems.  She calls herself a closet poet!  The poems are a heartfelt rendition of overcoming the struggles of life.

A few excerpts:

Life’s precious gems often come to us in our darkest, hardest and most crushing hours.  There are many thieves who steal our peace of mind, p. vii

Love is hard work, Love is unconditional, Love is behind the scenes, Love does not wait for rewards, Love is given, even when it is not returned, p.9.

On a single woman – For her angels she would walk a million miles.  A single mother is in a league of her own, p.12

Every day I tried a part of me died.  I stopped trying… I stopped dying.  I started living, p.16.

Don’t let others define you.  Be you, p.26

I am perfectly imperfect,, p.34.

No matter what life throws at me, A host of angels carry me.  And most of all, I know that I am free.  My world full of beauty, no more all alone!, p.88.

Her dedication –a tribute to those who rise above the most gruelling of life’s curveballs, p.90

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