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Edward de Bono on creative thinking

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Edward de Bono, renowned expert on creative thinking, talks about creativity and about thinking outside the box. Be sure to check out more from Doctor de Bono and solve his three creative challenges at www.thinkoutsidethebox.


Dr Edward de Bono is regarded as the global leading authority in the field of creative and conceptual thinking. An MD, PHD and Rhodes Scholar, he has authored 72 books in 41 languages. His instruction in thinking has been sought by major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Shell, Prudential, GM, Ford, and Citicorp to name a few. His work is in use in thousands of schools worldwide, and mandatory on the curriculum in some countries. He is the originator of the term ‘Lateral Thinking’ and the very popular “Six Thinking Hats” framework. Based on an understanding of how the brain works as a self-organising information system, Edward de Bono has designed specific thinking tools to maximize the creative process. Dr de Bono has worked successfully with organizations such as Pharmacia, Nokia and Dupont to imbed his thinking tools into their culture. The ROI for these companies has been impressive. He is the author of numerous best-selling books in the field of creative thinking. Dr Edward de Bono is talking at the Creative Innovation Conference 2010 his topic was “Re-thinking the future” Creative Innovation 2010 was the place to learn from world-changing innovators, futurists, inspired thinkers and curious souls gathered together in an interactive community. It was a place to learn techniques and strategies, unlock and share ideas and gain empowering experiences. A place to imagine the future…

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