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Aircaters – Your new favourite food-share marketplace to sell your home made cakes or culinary creations or find your next meal or that delicious cake

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Aircaters is a food sharing community. Our unique food-share app connects you to a wide community of passionate home cooks, retail caterers and cake makers in your neighbourhood.

Aircaters connects you as a consumer with home food providers in your local area.
Aircaters can also connect you with potential buyers for the food you produce at home be it gourmet meals, school lunches, cakes, desserts or catering for small social events.

Our app facilitates easy communication between sellers and buyers and allows you to make secure payments via credit card, Paypal or Stripe.
Mutual feedback and rating assures trust, safety and quality.

If you are a food provider you have to comply with local government, State and National food safety regulations.

Aircaters allows you to source fresh, home made food products.
Aircaters allows you to make money by selling the food you enjoy making at your own kitchen.

Indeed there is nothing better than a fresh home-cooked food made with love, attention and passion.

If you cannot cook or do not have time to prepare meals…….now is the time to see who in your neighbourhood is cooking to share. You can avoid fast food, unhealthy factory produced meals, busy and expensive restaurants and find who can produce your favourite food in a home kitchen in your own neighbourhood.

Make new friends, earn extra money, share your passion, eat fresh and healthy, and enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, cakes and desserts at affordable prices.

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