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Japanese used cars and Japanese imports

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When talking about cars, everybody likes to Japanese cars. When purchasing a car, Japanese cars are the unreachable dream of all. There are many good qualities for this special place of Japanese cars. The culture related to cars in Japan is exciting, unique and most definitely something special.

The best reason seems to be that the Japanese have always had easy access to affordable performance cars to play with, thanks to their home country being the birthplace of manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi. As these automakers have competed with each other over the years, boundaries have been pushed and new technologies developed, resulting in the creation of some of the coolest and most iconic enthusiast cars, that we continue to lust over today.

Another reason is perhaps Japan’s otaku culture. This is a word that you might’ve heard before, and although it translates to ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’, it really refers to someone who is extremely enthusiastic about something. Somebody who’s an otaku isn’t just passionate about their hobby, they also have in-depth knowledge of it to the point of obsession – they get really, really into it. Sometimes this cultural trait that’s helped Japan’s car scene thrive. And also not to mention help the aftermarket parts industry flourish too.

Popular for taking customisation to crazy-extreme levels, one of the most fascinating aspects of Japanese car culture has to be style.

The thing with Japanese culture is that people have always been encouraged to blend in, to be polite and respectful and to fall into their role in society without objection or complaint. Due to this, many Japanese people aren’t really the type to ever ‘act out’ or make any type of scene, instead, they’re generally quite shy and will sometimes possess more of a reserved, stoic demeanour. Therefore standing out with a bright, outlandish car with a big noisy exhaust soon became a pretty cool way to give society the middle finger and rebel against the social pressures to conform.

Japanese used cars are the most popular cars all over the world. These cars are exported in many parts of the world. The reason for the popularity due to their reliability and durability. It can be seen on the roads of many countries.

Like other countries, Sri Lanka is also an importer of Japanese used cars. Most people in Sri Lanka import Japanese used cars. It is very easier to import these cars in Sri Lanka. This is how you can import Japanese used cars to Sri Lanka.

Find a Supplier

You want to find a supplier of Japanese used cars to import these cars in Sri Lanka. The Internet can be considered as the best way to find Japanese used cars suppliers. There are a lot of exporters who export Japanese vehicles in many parts of the world. You can easily reach on their website and find more about them. Then take a clear idea about the exporter you choose that is experienced and reliable. Consider the relevant information on their website and anywhere on the internet. Talk to industry-related peoples forums and communities and ask for their opinions.

The most suitable way is to get in touch with past customers. Past customers can tell you about their experience.

Choose the Car

Have you made a car choice already? Explore the stock of Japanese used cars exporters. You have probably assessed your needs and realized your priorities. Have a look at various cars and choose the one according to your needs.

Order and Make Payment

If you have made your choice of the car, it is time to make the payment. Order your car online and you will receive an invoice. Pay the amount in your local bank to get it transferred to their bank. After making a payment, you will receive a receipt. Send this receipt to your supplier so the shipping process can be started.


When your supplier receives the payment, the shipping process can be started.  It depends on the conditions between you and your supplier. Your desired vehicle will reach in a few weeks after you after the start of shipping.

Port Clearance

You need to get it cleared off as the vehicle reaches the port. Contact with a clearance company for this purpose and provide the relevant details.

Age Restriction

Used cars must not be more than two years, whereas vehicles (vans and dual-purpose) should not be more than five years old.

Right or Left Hand

Traffic moves on the left-hand side in Sri Lanka. Import of right-hand drive vehicles is allowed.

Road Worthiness Inspection

All the used or new Japanese vehicles go under a roadworthiness inspection when imported to Sri Lanka. A road test is performed by JAAI. It is a non-profit organization under the supervision of Japanese government. Each vehicle needs a JAAI certificate before the import to Sri Lanka.

Shipping Port

Used cars or new cars are imported to the maritime port of Colombo and Hambantota.


These are some documents that are required for the port clearance.

  • Original Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Passport of owner
  • Purchase invoice
  • Ministry of Transport approval
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Import License

Tax Concession

These are tax concessions that are offered on the basis of cylinder capacity.

  • 50% on 1000cc
  • 55% on 1600cc
  • 60% on 2000cc
  • 70% on 2600cc

Used cars in Japanese are famous all over the world. It is easy to buy used cars online and get delivered to your desired location. 

Let’s follow our web site through and to know more about Japanese vehicles.

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