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Different types of cars

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Technological innovations have led to new car models that did not exist a few years ago. Among all vehicles, different types of cars became a very popular topic which everybody tries to find. So, let’s find more details related to cars and this will more valuable for your future.


When talking about different types of cars, these are small cars which come with an engine size of less than one litre and 700c. They come in various unusual designs and are ideal for city traffic due to their fuel efficiency. The microcar is a two-passenger vehicle. Examples of microcars include cyclecars, bubble cars, and the Tata Nano car. Modern microcars are electrically powered.

Economy hatchback

This usually comes in three or five doors. They have small engines and are ideal for handling city traffic. The boot offers additional storage space. The engine ranges from 1.4 to 2.5 litres.


For a long time, this has been the most popular car model. It is also referred to as the family car/ saloon. A sedan has four doors and a separate boot. They are ideal for carrying up to five passengers with limited storage.


The coupe is a four-seater car with two doors. The roof is also fixed and stretches to the boot. Newer coupe models come with four doors. The coupe is sporty in nature and some come with very powerful engines similar to those in sports cars.

Sports cars

These are high-performance cars with large engines. Most are two-seaters while being very expensive – some are going for as high as one million dollars. Most have V8 or V12 while generating over 500 hp. Depending on the model, the sports car comes with an open roof.


These car models come with a retractable roof. They can be two-seaters or four-seaters. Some of the sports cars in the market are convertibles.


This class of cars has become popular amongst city dwellers who are interested in some off-road action during weekends. The SUV is a large car that can carry five to seven passengers. They come armed with the latest electronics and are very comfortable to ride in. They come with off-road accessories like enhanced suspension and large wheels. You can have SUVs in varying sizes – compact, mid-size and full size. A good example of an SUV is the range rover, Jeep Cherokee or Suzuki Vitara.

Luxury cars

Luxury cars are equipped with premium accessories and prioritize comfort and class above anything else. They come equipped with the latest technological gadgets, the best leather seats and extra comforts like massage chairs, champagne fridges, and touchscreens. Some of the different types of cars in the class include the Mercedes S-Class 600, Audi A8 and the BMW 7 series. Buyers pay a premium for these cars.


A pickup has an enclosed cab with an open cargo area. They can either be two passengers or four. Some of the pickups have a mat that covers the cargo area. Pickups are ideal for farmers and transporting goods due to their large cargo areas.


A crossover is often confused with an SUV. This is a light off-road car with some SUV features. The crossover fuel consumption and handling are similar to saloon cars. A key differentiating factor is a chassis – the crossover uses a light monochrome while the SUV utilizes a ladder frame chassis.

Estate cars

Family cars come with an extended boot for extra luggage. The boot opens to the rear of the car and you can fold the rear seats for additional space. Estate cars are fuel-efficient and are ideal for city travels. They are sometimes referred to as the station wagon.


A limousine is a stretched car that is often used by celebrities and pop stars. It features an elongated base and can be created from various car models.

Modified cars

People have modified different types of cars to suit their tastes and preferences. This includes larger wheels and suspension. Any car can be modified with the younger generation having a preference for modified cars. Some of these cars will come with superchargers and turbos to improve performance. However, you will need to check with local authorities on what is permissible.

Hybrid cars

There has been an increase in the demand for hybrid cars. This is due to the increase of carbon emissions by most gasoline powered cars. The fluctuation in gasoline prices has led to high fuel costs. The hybrid car uses an electric and gasoline powered engine. Some cars are powered solely by electricity while some will use a combination of both.

Hybrid cars have the added benefit of being quiet and fuel efficient. They are ideal for city travels. In recent years, hybrid cars with powerful engines have emerged. You can get a hybrid car in almost all car models – sedans, fast cars, and SUVs.

In-car categories of different types of cars, you will have each car model with varying engine types. A sedan can be powered by a four-cylinder engine or a V6 engine. The fast cars can be run by either V6, V8 or V12 engines. To make your car go faster, some cars come with a turbo. The internal combustion engine uses an air/fuel mixture to run the car. When you add a turbo you have more compressed air going into the chambers and this leads to an increase in performance. The turbo can be controlled and this leads to fuel efficiency. Choosing a car model from different types of cars will be determined by a set of factors. A big family may prefer a station wagon or large SUV as opposed to a sedan. If someone uses a car to commute daily to the office, a minicar or hybrid car could be his or her ideal choice due to fuel efficiency. It is paramount that you determine what you will primarily be using the car for. Changes are costly and some can change your car performance and handling if not well done.

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