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“WILDLIFE FACTS” – by Des Kelly

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"WILDLIFE FACTS" – by Des Kelly

All Sri Lankans are fully aware about the top three wildlife areas/parks that have existed there, for eons, Ex-patriots and other tourists also never fail to visit at least one of them, on frequent or infrequent visits to the Island, but I am certain that very few of us realized that there are at least eighteen (18) more, dotted around our Mother-Country.

This was “news” to me as well, and this is why we, at e’Lanka always say a big “thank you” to our valued members such as Keith Bennett for information such as this, information that teaches us that learning accompanies each and everyone from womb to tomb, as the saying goes. Now, let us get down to the facts about the 21 National wildlife parks in Sri Lanka. Enjoy this, folks, and then you can say like me “well, I have learned something new today !!.


Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.


"WILDLIFE FACTS" – by Des Kelly "WILDLIFE FACTS" – by Des Kelly "WILDLIFE FACTS" – by Des Kelly "WILDLIFE FACTS" – by Des Kelly

Sri Lanka is home for 21 Wildlife national parks Nature reserves out of which 3 …

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