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Weekend Blues – by Noor Rahim

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Weekend Blues – by Noor Rahim


Come Friday eve

And you are set to flee

Away from the stress and all that’s not glee

Straight into the arms of rest and reprieve

Rest comes easy and gives life a new lease

To hold and to cherish until you hear the plea

From a body & mind that hath gone through the melee

Of problems and clients that are hard to please

Oh Lord! Let not Sunday eve arrive

Would your prayer to the Good Lord be

But that’s not how it’s gonna be

Monday will be sure to dawn no matter what the plea

So savour the weekend before it leave

As well as you would want it to be

For only the Good Lord knows how swift they flee

So! Sit back relax and keep your mind at ease & peace


Noor Rahim

August 1988.

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