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War And Peace – by Oscar E V Fernando

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War is defined as an intense armed conflict between nations and/or communities within- causing massive suffering and casualties.

What is a conflict?

It can be a disagreement-argument or quarrel-an opinionated clash of aims-interests or ideas between just two people, spreading into a clique of similar minded people-and ending up with the whole community or nation to battle-aroused from their otherwise normal and peaceful existence.

This is well explained in a quote from Leo Tolstoy’s novel on War and Peace; he says-if everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war-meaning that if the innocent youth actually knew the accurate cause for which they are fighting, they would not face the battle cry for which they had been well groomed by the initial proponents-some are fed with the idea of a false patriotism and others clasp the invitation for battle because they are wallowing in dire poverty.

But are they convinced of what they are battling for?

Some students of the subject of war argue that it sprouts from an ancestral aspect of human nature-whilst some others argue that it is a result of socio-cultural-economic or ecological circumstances


Whatever be the studious aspects of war the stark question and observation is that it remains futile and destructive-to say the least.

The writer urges the readers to listen to the song-where have all the flowers gone recoded at the inception of this piece-and listen word to word

Also share my appended composition of-Cheek to Cheek to be convinced on battling or not just because it is served on a palatable dish by the powers that be to preserve their rule and power.

This was composed in 2003 in the aftermath of the twin tower attack in 2001 and amidst ominous challenges by the then US President to his opponents-to come play ball.

How amusing it is to note they are still playing ball.

Cheek to Cheek

Pa said the son-they talk and talk of peace, just what is this peace?

This illusive peace to war-is like chalk is to cheese.

Conflict resolutions they say-but are we all not lost in it?

How come said the son-when all human beings yearn for this?

Yes, said Pa-but we have separate minds and separate wills-

Unlike robots we can create and do what we will.

Then what should we do to have the peace, we all seek?

Use your will to do what is right; good conscience, do keep.

Will not shooting and killing be the easier way out said the son.

Where did you learn this asked the surprised father from the son?

This is what we see on television day in and day out.

The bullet and the gun are the only way those in power can shout.

My advice to turn the other cheek-did you follow asked the curious father.

John slapped me and with no show of temper, I turned the other cheek: he rather-

Was surprised and his fury vanished before my own eyes.

That would be the best way said the father, unable to control tears from his eyes.

They told me father; without greed and craze for power-the world will be still.

Yes, that is what rulers of old taught to retain their power and do their will.

What should we do now, if that is what comes down to us from them?

Why let those blind keep us blind-open your eyes, scales will fall off then?

But some say it is cowardly meekness that the world will not condone.

You did try-and found what boldness and courage are needed for this alone.

The highest power on earth should try this-even now, with good design.

Though with short victory; vicious cycle’s bound follow Tragedy Eleven Nine.

(Dated 2003)

Oscar E V Fernando.

Hatred does not cease with Hatred-Lord Buddha

Turn the other cheek-Christ Jesus


Pre-historic wars have been recoded 14000 years ago-with violent killing recorded at the inception of creation, about which this writer will not delve deep to preach the bible, but is sufficiently   convinced in logical faith to be content with the aforesaid aspect of ancestral human nature-suffice to quote the biblical verse-for a thousand years in thy sight is but as yesterday when it is past

Since the industrial revolution which started in Britain fighter weapons sprouted all over Europe -killing approximately 3 million people at war-with records showing armed conflicts slowed down since the end of the cold war in the early 1990’s-but also now clearly see embers are being rekindled-that may end up in a nuclear warfare spelling earthly doom.  

Futility of war is highlighted when we see that military personal involved in battle are often subject to mental and physical injuries and destruction of infrastructure and resources-leading to famine disease and death.

Many theories are put forward as to motivations of war-psychoanalysts calling it a mass discharge of accumulated internal rage-where inner fears of mankind are discharged-some say it is due to inherent violence of human beings especially avenged on other races, religions and ideologies


It is worth pondering a quote from Mother Theresa of Calcutta highlighting as to why some frustrated persons are prone to avenge their frustration on society.

She says-we think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

Could it be the unwanted and unloved child with a turmoiled mind that is convinced of a quarrel with his own family and then battle it out within and without the nation?

The progeny of such wars is suffering from mental disorders and treated by psychoanalysts-with doses of-old wine in new wineskins-but when we see much of what is said by so-called shrinks-we see all these come down from the wisdom contained in old wine skins preached by ancient writers.

Thus, would it not have been better to have had doses of old wine instead of destroying the old wineskins with the new found renaissance of the Middle Ages?

Yes, to get back to the peace that was within and spread to the neighbor-community and the world-to ensure no more violence and war-let us listen to the song-Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Oscar E V Fernando

March 2022

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