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Vaughn Monroe Double Dutch – by Patrick Ranasinghe

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Vaughn Monroe Double Dutch – by Patrick Ranasinghe


Patrick_RanasingheVaughn Monroe Double Dutch His Song was number one on Ceylon in the Hit Parade 1955 only rare sound track. Please enjoy and feel free to pass it on

Vaughn Monroe Double Dutch Vaughn Monroe was a popular baritone singer, band leader, trumpet and trombone player, and actor. An RCA recording artist, he is known for his signature tune “Racing with the Moon”. Monroe had almost 70 recordings on the charts from 1940 to 1954. Three of his recordings Let It Snow, Ghost Riders in the Sky and Ballerina, were ranked among the all-time top #1 songs, each dominating the Billboard charts for 10 weeks or more. Vaughn hosted the Camel Caravan radio show, was the star of his own television show, and appeared in several movies. Vaughn Wilton Monroe was born in Akron, Ohio in 1912. He was a descendant of President James Monroe, A friend gave Vaughn an old trumpet when he was 10 years old. He bought a trumpet lessons book and practiced. Within 3 months he played a solo at a school concert in Kent Ohio. At age 15 his family moved to Jeanette, Pa when his father became a research engineer at the General Tire and Rubber Co. Entering Jeannette High School as a junior Vaughn he joined the band, the orchestra, jazz orchestra and the glee club. He loved music. Vaughn also played basketball, ran track, and was the senior class president. He wrote his high school’s alma mater and met his wife Marian at the school. His classmates voted him voted the “boy most likely to succeed,”

Patrick Ranasinghe

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