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The Jetliners Ada Api Inney අඹ ගහ යට Underneath the Mango Tree – by Patrick Ranasinghe

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The Jetliners   This is the Sinhala version of “Underneath the mango tree” from the first James Bond movie “Dr. No”. , sung by Mignonne Fernando with the backing of the original Jetliners (featuring original lead guitarist, Lucien Perera).This song was from the Sinhala movie සතා පනහ  “Satha Panaha” starring Gamini Fonseka and Sandya Kumari. The song was mimed by Sandya Kumari in the movie.

The Original Jetliners were the first western group to be featured in a cameo role in this film, playing the James Bond theme.

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Patrick Ranasinghe


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