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SUNDAY CHOICE – My wish for you today

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SUNDAY CHOICE – My wish for you today   Begin another twenty-four hours, remembering that not everyone got the opportunity to wake up from their sleep this morning. The mere fact that you can witness this beautiful moment in good health is the biggest sign that you have been abundantly blessed.  As another twenty-four hours unfold, I pray that each moment will be filled with purpose, meaning, and love.  I want to remind you that you have the ability to make all your dreams become what you really want them to be. You are powerful. You are blessed. You are great. May you never forget these things.  I pray that God floods your mind with thoughts of goodness and your heart with love.  What a beautiful morning to wake up to! And as the hours go by, may it only get more beautiful. This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it—Psalm 118:24 Pray this Link will be a Blessing to you. You are welcome to pass it on.

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