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Sunil-ThenabaduPredominantly the traits of virtuous singer are that he or she should possess a ‘voice trained’ vocal voice ,love for music, self-confidence, commitment, patience, determination also the ability to deal with criticism and rejection. All these characteristics are possessed by Madhavee Wathsala Anthony who sings in more than one specific musical genre. It needs to be emphasized that Madhavee has inherited singing affiliations from both parents of course possessing innate talent for her achievements in the music arena and acting. 

She was born as Coganige Madhavee Wathsala Anthony on August 6th 1988.Apart from her achievements in singing she had been acclaimed, also as an competent. dancer, model, actress, television host, also a dubbing artiste. Her primary and secondary education had been at Alma Maters  Holy Cross College, ordinary level at Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya and advanced level at Visakha Vidyalaya,Colombo 04.In year In 2013, Madhavee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Special Degree from Archaeology at the University of Kelaniya. She presently preparing for her Masters in Tourism Economics and Hotel Management from the University of Colombo. 

Madhavee’s career as an actress as a child artist was via the popular television musical program ‘Hapan Padura’ telecast in the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation where she excelled through hereditary affiliations of legendary father renowned Jackson Anthony also mother and via innate skills. Thereafter she excelled in her artistic career as a singer the music genres been Pop, and R &B(rhythm and blues) ,dancer, model and a television host mainly at the Hiru television from year 2015 to year 2019. 

Father Jackson Anthony needs to be mentioned as an acclaimed character actor in Sri Lanka cinema,theatre ,television and in several versatile activities as director,producer,singer, screenwriter, television host,novelist,lyricist,historian and traveler. It should be added that his influence had not had any effect on the success of Madhavee in her own exploits. Madhavee’s mother Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe also a renowned songstress ,actress in cinema, theatre and television. Her Uncles Senaka Titus and Sudath Anthony were also popular actors in the television possessing inherited affiliations to art.Madhavee’s two younger brothers Akila Dhanuddara and Sajith Anthony need no introduction to those who are keen followers of art.The duo are immensely talented as vocalists, television hosts and as tele drama actors.As a child artist emulating father, Sajitha has made vital roles to remember in films “Sooriya Arana”,”Kurulu Pihatu”,as well as award winning television series”Bohimiyanuwas” , “ Nadagamkarayo which is presently telecast viewed by millions 

Madhavee had been adjudicated as a A-grade child vocalist in year 1994 at the SLBC groomed by her mother Kumari Munasinghe.During this era Madhavee had got the opportunity to portray roles in Children programs in SLBC like “Lama Pitiya” and “Handa Mama” which she had done strikingly. With her competency she was able to become a radio presenter in Shree FM. Immediately therafter she was selected to portray a role in her father’s television serial “Esala Kaluwara” At her tender age of twelve she sang a song “Pipilada Sunimal” for her mother’s album.In year 1999 she appeared in an episode of “Jeevithayata Ida Denna” in the poya day television serial “Sita Niyana Katha”.In same year with her expertise in vocals she was selected to sing in “Hapan Padura” a very popular children program then among all.This exposure helped her to be elected as a child presenter. Almost simultaneously she was elected as the child presenter in the children’s program “Swarna Kekula”. 

After her higher studies at the University of Kelaniya she was selected to the mainstream of television both as a television host and actress.For her supporting role’ Janaki” in blockbuster film of “Address Ne”,  Thereafter portrayed a role in ‘Dasko’ also directed by Jackson Anthony.The latter serial there were many critical acclaim for which many awards were received at succeeding award ceremonies.For her role portrayed in tele drama “ Palingu Achchi” she was adjudicated as the best upcoming actress at Raigam Telee Awards.Subsequently she was awarded merit awards  for acting cum singing at Sumathi Awards. In year 2016 she was further felicitated when she was awarded a merit award for acting and singing at state film awards ceremony.. 

In 2013, she worked as a research assistant and museum assistant curator of the Sigiriya museum under Curator Kusumsiri Kodituwakku. In the same year, she became a research intern and curator at SAARC Cultural Centre. Then in 2014, she worked as a record indexing officer at J. R. Jayawardene Centre. From 2015 onwards, she worked as a visiting lecturer for Tourism and Hospitality at Management Science University. In 2016, she worked as the camp organizer of a global youth peace camp titled ‘Global Young Leaders Peace Camp 2016’ (GYLPC 2016) 

Madhavee was previously married to Dr Aloka Liyanage in year 2010 which had ended in a divorce in year 2016.On 18th January 2019 she married again tying the nuptial knot with Milan Silva a flight attendant at Sri Lankan airlines. As all are aware the wedding of Madhavee,brothers Akila and Sajitha who were all held together as all were contemplating on marriages. The three weddings had taken place in the same wedding hall catering to a massive audience, The duo Madhavee and Milan are blessed with a daughter, now a toddler.  

Madhavee had become a sought after and a demanded actress when she was selected to perform portrayals in a number of films and teledramas like the serial “Pali” in 2018,then in critically acclaimed serial “See Raja” directed by Jackson Anthony. Appreciating her achievements, she was nominated for the best Female Singer and Best Supporting actress at the Raigam Telees. Thereafter in year 2020 she portrayed roles in  she portrayed roles in two television serials “Mahaviru Pandu” and “Amalia” in year 2020.Apart from acting she had continued to work primarily  as a singer having sung theme songs in television serials “Daskon” and “See Raja”. Also had portrayed a role in teledrama serial “Thaadi” directed by Charith Abeysinghe. Madhavee has made her debut as a film playback singer in film”Eka Gei Sokari”. 

Madhavee is invited to many programs in television channels to sing and to participate in chats where she had passionately impressed, She had participated in quality programs to sing like “Tone Poem” at SLRC.In August 2019 she and father Jackson Anthony duo was invited to TV Derana “Leya Saha Laya” musical program presented by veteran actor Jayantha Chandrasiri in which she sang impressively with Jackson Anthony some of her songs and duets like.”Desa Piya Gath”,”Sithe Susum” faultlessly.Madhavee had lately concentrated on her own songs which have been commended by all audiences mostly her solo songs like “Raththarene”, “Adare Onekare”, “Sithe Susum”, “Mage Jeevithe” a duet with Dayan Vitharana, But her latest solo song with a stunning video “Api Thamai Apiwa Danne” was released a few months ago is already a hit with millions had viewed on you tube.The visual direction and lyrics of the song spectacularly penned by Kasun Mahendra Heenatigala while music and melody was by Hemaka Wijeratne ( Yaka) .The music video lasting for over four minutes portrayed by Madhavee herself in a classic endeavor of singing too.. All Madhavee’s music videos have all been undertaken by the stalwarts in the field MEntertainments.  

In the context of the above Madhavee Wathsala Anthony had performed extensively beginning from her younger days to date.All her fans are certain that she is matured enough to undertake more tasks in acting and singing.The path is all laid by her for an flawless booming imminent career. 

Sunil Thenabadu in Brisbane  

e mail sthenabadu@…

whatsApp 0061444533242 

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