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“LOVING LIFE TOGETHER” – BY Des Kelly – Introducing Hemraj Fernando – සසරේ නොනැසෙන පෙම | Eternal love

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 Something a little different, in this song, written by Hemraj Fernando, dedicated to his wife, telling her how much he loves her.

Because Sinhalese Buddhist people do believe in rebirth, he writes that they met, once before at a stupa, while worshipping Lord Buddha, then, at a Church Service worshipping Jesus Christ.

The song is well written & performed and deserves to be seen by all our members. With due thanks to Hemraj, telling us his story on “LOVING LIFE TOGETHER”


Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’ Lanka.

Recently we released the following video online. What do you think?

Hemraj wrote the lyrics for this song in 2007. This song is relevant to Sri Lanka today as it was divided between Races, Religions and Cultures and the new generation wants to reject it.

The meaning of this song 

Each day I searched for your beautiful face which has been eternally painted on my Soul.

Is it difficult to remember me?

I can easily recognise your familiar face from our previous life.
Last Sunday we worshiped at the same church in the same way that we worshipped Lord Buddha at the Stupa in our previous life.

The two of us are indebted to you, our Heavenly Father.

Why did we meet again?

How did our eyes get tangled once again?

Why did you become mine once again?

Heavenly Father please help me to understand your work?


Show me your beautiful smile again,

talk to me with your soft and loving words,

thrill me with your touch and delight my Soul and Body once again.

The two of us are indebted to you, our Heavenly Father.

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