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Sunil-ThenabaduThe broadcasting industry consists of radio and television stations which communicate content with a bulk audience. The content is generally surrounding entertainment, news, music, and there are also many specialist types of broadcasts like the one KochchI (Thilini Poornima Kulasiri ) stands tall having been entrusted to perform at Afternoon drive on weekdays for two hours at prestigious ITN Lakhanda. Kochchi .With extensive experience in the broadcasting arena since year 2008 having worked with many media  broadcasting institutions finds related discharge of duties at her finger tips is definitely a sought after broadcaster. One distinct advantage Kochchi possesses is her own inimitable style combined with immense skills  which she had developed to unprecedented heights over her journey to date have noticed the skills required to be successful. : 

Those in the broadcasting industry need to have excellent communication skills which Kochchi possesses abundantly. broadcasters with a local accent so that listeners can relate to them. Broadcasters should also be able to communicate effectively through excellent vocal skills with good team communication skills.  

Most important for those on camera, reporters and presenters should have a warm, friendly atmosphere which helps the audience to connect with. Body language, a soft tone, and a smile can help the audience to build trust and bond with you. 

KOCHCHI VIVACIOUS LIVELY VIBRANT DYNAMIC BROADCASTER ON TV/RADIO – by Sunil ThenabaduThilini Poornima Kulasiri of “Kochchi” fame is a sought after broadcaster both in television and radio.With the name already a household name having shone at many channels as a broadcaster for over a decade is currently attached to ITN Lakhanda radio as a had been proved that when she takes over a new channel or belt her fans and followers follow suite within  hours which is a characteristic of the demand and her immense popularity. In whether television or radio the demand  for her is massive.The respective television or radio channel is boosted by her arrival with the notable increase in the viewership sir listenership. 

 On taking over the ‘afternoon drive’ belt in the ITN Lakhanda an year ago leaving another television and radio institution the fans and followers within hours join her to wish her, request her.This had been the pattern in her media journey.Unlike many other presenters she knows byheart the names of her fans approximately over three thousand.There are many who do not fail to listen to her program on a regular basis .She receives sms ‘s from many locally and overseas in countries like Italy, Korea, Israel,UK, St.Petersburg.Brisbane, Perth, ,Melbourne,middle East countries etc daily for her programs.She is a very kind presenter who keeps the listeners  spellbound by presenting in her own inimitable peculiar style where there is not a single dull moment.She obliges all who sent wishes for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. She could be termed as an indispensable broadcaster as listeners mostly fans miss her during weekends preferably wish her to perform daily.   

Kochchi is a broadcaster who is also able bring profits to the institution through commercial advertising which she does very shrewdly .She possesses a very rapid pace in announcing which is difficult to beat.In many ways her presence to any broadcasting institution is crucial.Kochchi possess proven skills in both television and radio hosting, commercials, trailer voicing, play listing,gingals, and other handlings also could bring in business to her employer to which she possess aptitude, toil energy and enthusiasm. 

 Kochchi is renowned as a freelance broadcaster. Though there are many presenters, recently she was called upon by our national television Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation to host the “Muthuhara” children’s’ program on October 1st which she performed to precision. Likewise, she is called upon by many broadcasting institutions for her assistance. 

KOCHCHI VIVACIOUS LIVELY VIBRANT DYNAMIC BROADCASTER ON TV/RADIO – by Sunil ThenabaduKochchi has grown in stature over the years had overwhelmed many listeners with her flamboyant  own inimitable style of presentation.Of course she is a bit acentric at times using a language exclusively conducive to her.Her followers and fans are increasing daily on most days she finds difficult to cope with them.There are of course lakhs and lakhs who listen so enthusiastically though do not message her.For Kochchi the fans are from all walks of life ,have no specific age limits as Septuagenarians and octogenarians those in the seventies and eighties in their respective twilight years are her fans who listen to her on a daily basis.There is no single dull moment when Kochchi is on air.It is impossible to explain her indispensable amazing defiance attitude into words.Most of her followers and fans are firmly addicted to her programs as she keep all audiences spellbound and fascinated.From the requests and messages that are constantly received it is proved that fans for many institutions like DHL. DSI,Commuincations,Dockyard, Communication centres,,Restaurants, Café’s, Transport offices Trading institutions and many travelling in cars and vans do request for songs. Perhaps many in offices request to get out of the monotony to get  a bit of an impetus to work.  

In the context of the aforesaid the service rendered  by Kochchi to the ITN Lakhanda radio channel need to be hailed to unprecedented high ebb. 


Sunil Thenabadu

e mail [email protected] 

WhatsApp 0061444533242 

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