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Inimitable Shane Warne – by Trevine Rodrigo (Melbourne) – eLanka Sports editor

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Shane Warne...a legacy hard to parallel –  By Trevine Rodrigo in Melbourne

Trevine_RodrigoIf anyone personified the definition of an Australian it is without doubt the inimitable Shane Warne.

Brash, out of the box and in your face on the field. And an outrageous extrovert off it, without a care in the world,  it epitomized the rare character of a man who enjoyed life to the fullest and always on his terms. 

He possessed a rare tenacity and was fiercely passionate when he donned the Australian cap. In fact many batsmen in the opposition will readily testify how he would get into their heads with intimidation and any other means to get them out.

But all of that takes nothing away from the rare skill he possessed as a leggie as history will recall, producing some of the most astounding deliveries that will be etched in history. 

Shane Warne strode the playing fields like a colossus proving his mettle on the field, then stepping in as a mentor off it, and was never out of reach of an aspiring young spinner needing his expert direction. 

That is how he gained and maintained his respect from anyone who played the game.

Outside of cricket he lived in the fast lane, enjoying life to the fullest.  

But none of his off field antics has any relevance to what a wonderful cricketer he was and how much he gave to cricket and those in need as the Sri Lankans would readily attest to.

Shane Warne

Warne’s memory will remain in history for revolutionising the art of leg spin.

His impact on the game was openly evident judging by the outpouring of shock and grief from around the globe. 

Shane Warne leaves this world with lasting memories of a lovable Australian larrikin, more importantly, a legend of the game of cricket. 

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