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Houses burning – By Niranjan Selvadurai

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Houses burning - By Niranjan Selvadurai







I saw a house burning

Flames rising sky high

I saw souls in dwelling

And thought they would die


So, I yanked the door open

“Run out” was my high cry

But they stared un-woken

Said “Give us reason why?”


“Run out” you may well say 

Aren’t winds cold out there?

And where are we to stay?

Who would give us care?


Through any fire or rain

In this home we remain

We shall always fight

For our absolute right


I had no more to say

So, I went on my way

Let us not waste our breath

On those weak to see death


Pandemic fire raging

With daily numbers high

Those prudent, immunising

So that they may not die


Rare red-hot flaming wildfire

Storming through the urban spread

Be in its path, effects dire

Leaving gutted homes and dead


Fire has no fear or favour

When the cause has right flavour

No palace nor hut is spared

So, remain put if you dared


We make our own choices that last

Conditioned by events of our past

While the “wise” realise what is right

Those “clever”, for their rights will fight


Protect all borders if we may

And lock down to keep fire away

Just a few of us that need remain

For those houses to burn again


Do we care for all mankind?

And ensure fire is gone for good

Or do we leave some behind?

For a position they firmly stood


Perceptions like footsteps on sand,

Disappear as new realisations dawn

So, take us to that promised land

Where fire and conflict are gone


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