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For a tiny Island in the Indian Ocean, formerly called Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, of course, it boasted several Champions in many sports including Hockey. Here, via Dennis Rosayro and Victor Melder respectively, is yet another Ceylon Burgher named Frederick (Freddy) White, this time wielding a hockey-stick, rather than a pen, who turned out to be known as possibly the BEST Hockey Goalie in ASIA, a feat astounding, to say the least. Let me say a big “Thank you” to both Dennis and Victor for this wonderful story of another amazing “Citizen of a Burgh”or Burgher, Freddie White, Hockey GOAL-KEEPER EXTRAORDINAIRE.


Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.

Superman Freddie White: Asia’s best goalkeeper – BY DENNIS DE ROSAYRO

Fredrick White made his debut as a schoolboy versus the Indian Olympic team of 1948. He played for the Burgher Recreation Club in the winning teams of 1948 to 1950. Later he moved to Havelock SC and played in the winning teams of 1959 and 1960 annexing the Pioneer Cup and Andriesz Shield respectively.

Superman Freddie White Asia’s best goalkeeper – BY DENNIS DE ROSAYROFor over two decades he was easily Ceylon’s best ever goalie. He represented Defence Services in the first National Hockey Championships in 1957 and many more.

He captained the Colombo HA team at the National Championships in 1959 and against five State teams during the period 1968/69.

How does one describe Asia’s best goalkeeper when India and Pakistan were the top two in world hockey.

Having been on the field with him in the 1957 and especially on the extended tour in 1960, I would call him ‘superman’ or super-human. Indian fans would throng the grounds, merely to witness his spectacular performances between the posts and his charging runs to the top of the ‘D’ thwarting the great Indians from taking a hit at the goal.

His reputation and name came before the Ceylon team arrived from city to city, district to district. He was really more than 50 per cent of the team and our high ranking in 1960 was mostly due to Freddie.

In 1960 when Ceylon hosted the Indian Olympic team for two Tests, the manager Dr. BL Gupta and captain Leslie Claudius told the media that they would have loved to take Freddie to Rome.

He was rated as the best goalie in Asia by none other than the Indian Hockey Federation and would have easily found a place in the Indian Olympic team of 1960.

Freddie is the younger brother of the great Olympian Duncan White and emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1972 with his wife Lavender and family.


Career highlights:

FREDRICK WHITE (born 1930)

Position: Goal Keeper

Clubs: Burgher RC, Havelock SC and Combined Services.

1948 vs Indian Olympic team

1953 Ceylon HA tour of Madras and Bangalore
1955 vs Pakistan
1955 vs Delhi Wanderers
1955 vs Madras HA
1956 vs Mysore HA

1957 Ceylon tour of Madras (vice captain)
1958 vs Madras HA (captain)

1960 Ceylon tour of North India (vice captain)
1960 vs Indian Olympic team (2 Tests)

1960 vs New Zealand (captain)
1961 vs Indian Wanderers

1962 vs Pakistan
1965 vs Indonesia (captain) (2 Tests)

1966 Asian Games (captain)
1966 Tour of South and North India (captain)

1967 vs India (captain)
1967 vs India (captain)

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