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Expressions in the Subway – by Noor Rahim

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Expressions in the Subway - by Noor Rahim




For want of something to do or ponder

My eyes stray around the subway coach

There’s nothing of note or topic for search

There’s only the screech of metal that tears the silence asunder


But, you can sure see the expressions on the face of the commuter

Some pleasant, some defiant and a few boorish

It’s just a potpourri of masks that make the dish

But all in all it makes you wonder


Why do some look grumpy and some grumpier?

Yet some with a look of no approach

Unless you wish to seek their wrath

Then go ahead and make the blunder


To find a happy face is so much harder

For the one you seek is not always a cinch

It’s just a baby in its mother’s clutch

Giving you a smile that’s a clincher


Yet expressions show a person’s caliber

It helps to judge, which is which, from the happy to the somber

And is it going to make my day – is your wish/desire

Albeit, you live with it and often makes you just wonder


Noor R. Rahim

August 2002.

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