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Sunil-ThenabaduDilshan’s ‘Dilscoop’ desires ovation and gratitude

Tillekeratne M Dilshan performed yeoman service as an allrounder in all three formats in an illustrious cricketing career which spanned for nearly two decades. TM Dilshan the designer of the “Dilscoop” cricket’s unique stroke that embossed his patent on the most talked about new stroke in cricket’s long history. It should be aptly added that Dilshan was the most spoken about trendiest cricketer in the country subsequent to quitting the game.

Even Dilshan himself may not have known that he had such abundant crazy fans scattered island wide when fans thronged to the Pallekelle , R Premadasa International stadiums  in their colossal numbers to accord him a supreme exit. The elegance the fans acted at these grounds with placards, signs were ample testimony to his gigantic popularity. The fans gave him a reception hitherto no other cricketer had acknowledged in the annals of our cricketing narration. As all cricketing fraternity would know that there was no sponsorship from Sri Lanka Cricket for his farewell unlike given to some other senior cricketers who quit in the recent past like hoisting flags in Colombo. In addition  many players who quit were kept lifted by the media. Dilshan had quipped that he does not need such facelifts and would not resort to such pity strategies. He had stressed that he had given his utmost to the game of cricket had not performed for personal gains and glory.

Dilshan had added that he was instrumental in bringing many talented youngsters like Thissara , Chandimal, Lakmal Sachithra, Prasanna to name a few who were performing well in domestic tournaments into the squad. At those moments Dilshan had said the seniors then had not adored it. He has added that he was very happy to have played under the captaincy of Chandimal whom he had brought in, for his farewell appearance.

Dilshan had lamented that he was unhappy during his tenure in the Sri Lanka team having had a lot of irritating and niggling times. For reasons not disclosed he said that he had not spoken with several senior players for years. He has had dealings with them only when discharging duties for the country on the field inside the boundary line only. He says to play the country one should have eloquent psyche in emphasis particularly when facing a bowler hurling at 150 kmh. Hence, he was more concerned in executing his best in the middle but was not interested in taking such qualms on to the cricket field.

Dilshan says he was asked to take over the captaincy abruptly in the year 2012 for only for a short while although he did not fancy it. He had no option but to accept it as he was pleaded to take over by the then Chairman of the SLC, DS De Silva. He was reluctant as at that time both captain and vice-captain had resigned, Muralidharan had retired while many players were on the casualty list.

After accepting the captaincy, he was determined to perform at his apex as he was adamant to serve his motherland. He hunted to build a new unit by bringing in raw talent. Even when his name was proposed as skipper senior players had questioned how Dilshan could captain as he is sporting ear rings, a peculiar beared. After a couple of years after a successful reign as captain when he was on a tour of England a new Chairman of selectors Ashantha de Mel then had called him and told to resign from the captaincy for no distinct reason. Without challenging Dilshan had within an hour sent his resignation letter to the SLC. He had been surprised as once again Mahela was appointed as the skipper. To his astonishment and dismay after six months the captaincy had been handed over to Angelow Mathews. This too Dilshan had said were underhand conspires. Angelo had not bowled during the tenure of Dilshan’s captaincy but had opted to bowl under Mahela.

The innovative ‘Dilscoop’ stroke was not admired by many senior players. They were obviously jealous as Dilshan’s name was to etched into cricket books. They had said only people who have no intellects play such strokes, starfish etc.

During the T/20 World Cup the International Cricket Conference in England ,the officials had wanted to suggest some names for the stroke invented by Dilshan. The former England captain Nassar Hussein had asked Dilshan if he liked to name it as “Dilscoop”.  Dilshan without the least pause had said he adores. This is not only an honour to Dilshan but to entire Sri Lanka to have etched a Sri Lankan name in the record books. It is pertinent to state that still no player had successfully played the “Dilscoop” although many keep endeavouring. Hence “Dilscoop” is  an absolutely a  “DILSHAN SPECIAL” When Dilshan hoisted over the keeper twice into the stands  off one of the fastest bowlers Shaun Tait hurling at around 150 kmh at Pallekele stadium the commentator Michael Slater said a bit stupid but very BRAVE.

These are some of the countless frustrations that Tillkeratne Dilshan had to facade and trounce during most part of his flourishing cricketing career. Dilshan had quipped that it was his mental robustness that permitted him to accomplish well despite all these conspiracies.

Sunil Thenabadu,via e mail [email protected] in Brisbane WhatsApp 0061444533242

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