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As Long as there is Breath – by Noor R. Rahim

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As Long as there is Breath by Noor R. Rahim


NOOR R. RAHIMIt is indeed an old age saying – “As long as there is breath – life goes on”; and as time goes by we do go through various phases in our lives, some short lived and yet others long lived. However, how you manage the various phases of life is dependent on each individual and his/her will to live a healthy and safe life. Survival is what it is.

“Too much of anything is good for nothing” is the oft used adage that “pops-up” in my mind; and I am sure you would have seen such over indulgences – which in turn leads to various health issues and even financial debacles and its’ subsequent effects on humans, in your life time. Though Sir Isaac Newton’s theory on the “Laws of Motion” is for the study of Physics; see how well it fits into a person’s life; in his 3rd Law of motion which states “For every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction”. So do take heed of another old saying “Cut your coat according to the cloth”.

There are various stages that one is confronted in life and which are inevitable – a life of fantasies; a life of seeking self-sufficiency; and a life of dependability. They could be grouped under the phases of:

  1. Childhood to Adulthood
  2. Youth to Middle-Age
  3. Middle-Age to Old-Age
  4. Old-Age to Childhood

It is in the “Childhood to Adulthood” phase that children delve in fantasies – ever dreaming of what they wish to be when they grow up. Most of them fade away as time goes by and one matures to understand reality. In reaching adulthood they soon realise their fantasies or goals are very dependent on their aptitude, education and professional qualifications. Thus for some the “fantasy bubbles” just burst and disappear as reality takes hold of their ambitious ventures. To bear fruition to one’s dreams there is the prime requirement of “selection and maintenance of the aim”. Else on will just be floundering around in the high seas; rudderless and with their “Utopia” just evaporating into thin air.

As they become saner and wise; and become eligible to follow that one ambition or goal in life; they do have to acquire the necessary education to fulfil that ambition. On accomplishment of their perquisites, suitable appointments do they find, to meet their ambitious goal. Keeping in mind that “Nothing ventured; is nothing won”. They now enter the phase of “Youth to Middle age (Maturity)”. But the pursuit of that goal is an arduous one indeed, requiring tenacity and dedication to achieve the “plums” that one seeks in life.

In this phase no doubt they will garner much maturity and experience that no money will buy – it is through sheer honesty, sweat & tears that will gain the respect, admiration and cynosure of others around you; that will be greatest self-satisfaction and reward.

As this period ebbs; you will find the next wave rolling in bringing your into the phase of “Middle-Age to that of Old-Age”. Life begins to slow down somewhat and the thought of retirement comes to the fore. Some may seek it earlier and yet others would wish to continue with their passion. I believe they call them “Workaholics” which I believe is a mite unfair; as some do through necessity and some through the concept of “mind over matter” or perhaps even “a healthy mind makes a healthy body”. The choice is to surmise is that of the very learned readers of course.

It is always during the last few years of this period that folks begin to think of “what do I do” when retirement age comes looming over you?

The prudent will always think of the future and build a nest egg for themselves; whilst some have the habit of postponing or of putting it away for another day. But a few do indulge in what may call it – “Eat, drink and be merry; for tomorrow we die” or is it “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow is another day”. Yet others will depend on a Government Pension and/or Place of Employment Pension scheme. Whichever way it is, one has to remember that these pensions do not come anyway close to the current wages you make; and added is the effect of inflation to your well-earned and deserving retirement stipends.

So then you have now reached the stage of “Old-age to Childhood”. You now miss your co-workers and other personnel in your workplace. Soon to find that most of them are the “Hi & Bye” types. Sad, but it is the truth and the reality; for it is said “Out of sight; out of mind”. Very soon you search for your long lost friends – from the old school and social/sports clubs; with only your close family around you. Thanks to the modern day Electronic Media you are now able to be in contact with all the long lost friends & relatives on the “Internet” and made a relatively substantive shrinking of the World. With age comes the aches and pains and loss of mobility and other faculties. They say that “Age is just a number; and a person is as old as he feels”; perhaps they never heard of the saying – “The spirit is willing; but the flesh isn’t”. Sadly enough; it is just a fact of life that dependability creeps into the phase of “Old-age to Childhood”. You now have to learn about your food intake; you need to take your medicines at the proper times; your eyesight begins to blur; and you have to learn to walk with a cane or with the assistance of an aide. Of course your memory lags or slows down and you find it hard to remember what happened a few hours ago, let alone a few years ago.

These are the facts of life that are inevitable – at least to my way of thinking. But what will happen will happen; as so delightfully sung by the Late Great Singer Doris Day – “Que sera, Sera”.

I do hope you like the narration as I have written what I think it is of life. So make good use of it; and remember that a river always flows down and never flows back. In life too we should not be in a position to look back and regret or repent; for we can never go back to amend; but going with the flow (of the water) we can always venture in safety with good foresight into the future, learning from our past mistakes. But a word of caution to be heeded is “Man proposes and God disposes” which should always be thought of in all your deeds and walk of life.

Stay well and keep safe Dear Readers.

Noor R. Rahim

October 08 2020. 

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