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ANGER – The Bane of our Lives – by Noor Rahim

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ANGER – The Bane of our Lives - by Noor Rahim




As human beings everyone experiences that day

When anger and emotions carry you away

Be it displeasure or feeling of hate, sorrow or love

But self control is a virtue that one must nurture


Anger has always been the bane of our lives, that confronts us in someway

A display that will shock the onlookers and drive them away

The gain from such display would result in such distaste

A display that would embarrass you in the aftermath, is a guarantee


The intimidating & short lived roar of the waves on the sea beach would drive one away

But the retreating wave is one so calm and smooth that fears allay

And in its retreat wipe out the foot print that you left in your haste

So dear Reader it is Natures’ lesson on anger that you can emulate


Anger if at all must be short lived if ever and in everyway

Calmness and suppression of temper should prevail in a meaningful way

But like the foot print on the sand should always be left as a thing of the past

Calmness and sense of responsibility, with human feelings, must be ever foremost


Noor Rahim

July 19, 2014

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